The news industry began around the globe as small papers which were being printed using outdated printing presses. Within a span of several years, technology evolved and this has made the generation and transmission of news to different parts of the world much easier and faster. The most recognizable technological advancement that emerged in the news industry is the development of computers. Many individuals would not be able to get the news as fast as they can get it nowadays were it not for the invention of computers.

The following are some of the ways in which the emergences of computers have transformed the news industry;


The main transformation that the invention of computers has brought to the news industry is that there is no gateway between publishing and the writer. Currently, anybody can create a personal blog and present whichever kind of news they desire. News can nowadays be transmitted to individuals across the world very quickly than it was many decades ago even though it normally does not go through editing and fact-checking process like you would witness at a newspaper. The other way in which is delivered by any person is the video blogs. Videos can be recorded and posted online by people like

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The online mediums that news can today be posted include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Style and speed of news delivery

Currently, people know what is taking place as soon as a story is published in the newspaper. This usually happens prior to the appearance of the story on the nightly news since people uses computers to share the news via social media sites such as twitter, facebook or personal blogs. Most newspapers and news stations have designed special sites on their websites where the public or interested parties can present news as it occurs. The writing styles have also changed due to the use of computers. Students studying journalism courses are taught how to write news for both the print and online readers. For example, stories that happen frequently are updated as soon as the news breaks. This requires a different state of mind for different news receivers.

Use of Multimedia videos


The use of computers provides the journalist with an opportunity to add extra contents to their stories. They can add video and audio clips to the stories they publish on the websites. This helps in engaging the story readers much more than a televised news bulletin or newspaper would do. The use of podcasts provides a popular way of news delivery since the stories can just be downloaded directly to an iPod and transmitted immediately without wasting time. The other transformation in the news industry due to the rise of computers is the fall of print media. This has led to the saving by the news industry since they used to spend too much money in purchasing printing products which reduced their revenues as most readers would not buy the print newspapers but would rather get the news from the websites directly. The subscriptions of newspaper have drastically fallen due to the emergence of computers in the news industry.  Computer Repair  is also not as cumbersome as others may think. It only require specialist and any computer that have any problem will be repaired immediately.



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